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How to communicate a use case?

If you have a product, how is it used? Is it use it all yet? Sometimes I wonder if people don’t understand what I am doing with this app, because I don’t see too many people using it on Twitter. … Continue reading

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Become smarter.

Audio is easier. If you’re typing into your phone, talking into it is easier. You could just talk out your idea and get it out directly. It’s richer and will get you brainstorming. It will also resonate with listeners more … Continue reading

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Creating from a source is meta-creation. Almost all creativity springs from within as a result of some outside stimulus. If the stimulus is fairly obscure, it can easily be omitted. What about a record review? A record review is a … Continue reading

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Five clicks too far

I feel like I’m going crazy waiting for the tinyvox 4.2 revision to hit the app store. According to the wait last time, it’ll be ready on Thursday. The waiting is the hardest part, and I’m trying to keep busy … Continue reading

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