Iconic brands have the football and are running downfield.

Sometimes icons stumble; witness Kodak. The products they sell are out of fashion; however, take a second to recall the Kodak BRAND.

Remember how Kodak made you feel? I do. I remember family slide projector shows in the living room; I remember the ViewMaster reels from DisneyWorld; and most of all, I remember the boxes of photos I still have, that connect me to past faces, vistas and situations.

Kodak was about MEMORIES.

I see Facebook making a feint in the direction of a “memories” positioning. Undeniably its photo section is a key driver of Kodak’s demise. However, I posit that the Facebook value proposition does not suit memories – Facebook is more about the MOMENT.

I think the creation of a memory is a “time travel spell” cast by a human in the now in order to impact humans in the future. All notes and photos and media are communiques to the future. Every article written is meant to impact the future.

Facebook has the present but tinyvox is the future. You build the future by talking about it. You articulate something fresh, it is shared – and human aggregate karma shifts. Every time.


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