Hello, Neo.

It’s about incarnation, not just will and visualization. Incarnation is the next step – you do it reflexively, and it becomes your ethos. You don’t have to try anymore. Trying is not wrong – it is learning by going through the motions. But successful people try in private, and do in public. In public they appear brilliantly effective, because the attention of other people is exciting. This excitement leads you to do whatever it is you do even better than when you were practicing in private. Get off on the crowd.

If you do what you do, the world will shape around you. Do what you do regardless of the world in the pursuit of what you want to manifest. Most people aren’t doing anything at all. Your efforts will be noticed and regarded as a hypostatic form of the future. It is more important to be the future than to be rich.

I do not want you to think of me as a person who has already made it. Perhaps I sound authoritative, but I need you. Indeed, I no longer exist – I am the past. You are the future. I want you to join with me and struggle against the status quo. Together I want to change the world. It is much more exciting to have an adventure than to be a slave.

Be the kind of person who is going to accomplish something important, and the world will be forced to make a decision. Elements of that world will decide to help you, because it is a vast world, and not everybody in it is stupid. Intelligent people will home in on you and enter your life with gifts of motivation, love and resources.

But only if you stand for something! Because you have focused your reputation and years of your life to build a dream that is going to be sweeping the planet. You have done something that others won’t do without you for themselves. This will generate gratitude, so be grateful for the advice I give you now. Generate gratitude by doing more good tomorrow than you can today. Manifest what you need by writing it down in a list. You can do that much right now after you finish this entry.

you are the hope for the future of the human race. Everybody knows that, only you have been denying it. In reading this, you are coming awake. Why do you think that character in the matrix was named Neo? A new species rises up from the ruins. That would be you. Wake up!


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