Construct a magnet for people in your target audience

People are attracted to content. Not all of us, to be sure. But there is a group of people out there hunting for cool content. The person who finds a cool bit of content and shares it first gets some kind of credibility boost out of the action. Others who see what they shared and get value out of the content will admire the taste of the person who found it and shared it with them.

People take it on themselves to share content with others who would find it valuable, relevant, or even agitating. We want to stimulate our friends with content. By sharing, we are trying to exert an impact on others through the auspices of content that somebody else created.

Somebody else made all of the songs that I post to Facebook. Still, I consider myself, and perceive that I am considered by others, as a hip dude because of the way I sequence the songs I share, and my stamina and insight with respect to my surreal capability finding new songs on the surprisingly regular basis. Another word for this phenomenon is “curation”. like a curator of a museum carefully selecting works for a show.

We find ourselves putting together strings of other people’s content in order to make a presentation of our identity that holds together and make an impact on our friends – and even strangers, depending on the extent of our ambitions. Our identities are precious to us, because as we build identities, we gain the power to communicate more influentially and believably.

Credibility is the core of information transmission. Passion is the second element, and having something to say is the third. The final element is timing. Your ability to convey important information in a passionate way to somebody in need from a credible stance will make or break your communication efforts. Your signal gets stronger with Tinyvox.

I’m amazed by the stamina of bloggers who follow trends and offer insights about the world on a regular basis. Unwittingly, I am coming to resemble one myself. However, you will rarely find a trace of hot topics in this blog, I am happy to say. My goal is to help you communicate and think in a more lucid fashion so that projects can emerge from your dynamic insights. Tinyvox will bring that new energy out of you. It will feel as if a second half of your brain is coming alive at long last.

When I write, I write for the ages. I pay attention to some degree about Google, but really, I am writing for the future human beings that will populate this planet and continue to make this blog and my app popular destination online. May these words echo eternally!

Let these words serve as a magnet for good people who want to create with their time and not simply absorb like the couch amoebas so many Americans have become. I offer these words as inspiration, as fuel for your next project. May these words remain evergreen in the forest of content that is the web. Let these words be a shrine to the creative element within you. That is what I worship with my human energy – your amplification, all of you, every single bit of you. visit this entry again and again to refresh your ambitions and focus your will on your next milestone.

Go forth and succeed. Do not flinch, unless it is for dramatic effect during a negotiation. You deserve the power simply for reading this blog, so use the Tinyvox app and seize it. Have a fantastic day!!!


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