So, you learn something. Now what?

“what do you want me to do, to do for you, to see you through?” – The Grateful Dead, “box of rain”

Let’s say you are reading a book and you come across an idea that so brilliant that it makes you exclaim, “this book is worth its weight in gold!”

Now what?

We fill in blank spaces in our understanding through our research and our spontaneous learning. But what will turn this wisdom into action or identity?

I have a lot of posters that I have designed of my ideas on my wall. I think by designing in adobe illustrator, you might create something amazing. It does get distracting though – it’s not like taking notes in my smartphone, I have to open adobe illustrator and design and I wind up making something beautiful but… It’s not exactly “taking notes from reading”. And putting the poster on my own wall isn’t exactly changing the world, although it could be critical to altering my habits over time.

What is it that I can design that you will enjoy and learn from? Perhaps encoding wisdom into information objects that teach other people is a good use of what you have learned.

If I read a book, I ought to make an audiobook of it. That way I can listen to the brilliant wisdom while I make my coffee. I don’t have to sit there and reread it again – I can just press play. I should take my own advice. I should press record and make audiobooks of the most important new books that I have read.

When you make your own audiobook, you burn in the wisdom. If you listen to the audiobook that you make again and again, I believe that wisdom will become encoded into your behavior. You will take action on what you of learned through a form of self hypnosis.

To make your own audiobook with Tinyvox, simply open the app, read out the highlights into it and hit pause often to ensure that tape is dense. Use standard quality, because you might go on for over 20 minutes, and high-quality audio over 20 minutes has issues with sharing – the file size is too big and the upload sometimes chokes, so use standard quality for your audiobooks, please.

I’m going to do this now. I just read an amazing book, and I highlighted so much of it. I’m going to take the parts that I highlighted and read them into Tinyvox tape. Then I’m going to make coffee while listening back to the book.

With luck, I will be an expert at public speaking through this tactic because I will be articulating verbally ideas that inspire me, making me more inspiring verbally in general. You should try this and become smarter, because we all have the same amount of time to act – right now.

“for this is all a dream we dreamed one afternoon, long ago.”


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