Getting value out of your notes

If you’ve taken notes on a book, when you replay those notes, you will inevitably feel reactions.

Have a notebook out while you listen back to your notes, to capture those reactions. Your reactions, articulated in your own special way, are original content. That content turns into your paper, your next blog entry, etc.

Original content is who you are. It forms the basis of your online identity. It’s very important to capture your original thoughts, lest they disappear.

Reframing the ideas that you captured can help you synthesize your newfound knowledge into personal, operational wisdom. Don’t just read a book, read the heck out of it! make an audio tape of your highlights with Tinyvox and replay it along with another device to type into or just a notepad with a sharpie marker.

Tapes you make to capture this value can be useful for yourself, but if you are excited about the idea, please share it on YouTube using the app because we all can gain from the wisdom you have discovered and are amplifying with your own interpretation and analysis.


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