Communication and group cohesion

If the group is to function effectively, its members must be able to communicate easily and efficiently.

The more cohesive a group, the higher its productivity. The cohesive group can achieve goals it accepts more efficiently. a goal of a cohesive group is more social activity. The cohesive group does whatever it tries to do better than the noncohesive group. Motivational factors are increased.

Cohesiveness increases the effective synergy of the group. It produces more favorable attitudes toward the group on the part of its members, and it reduces the amount of energy that is needed to maintain the group. This increases the effective synergy, or group energy, letting it attain goals more effectively and produce greater satisfaction for the group members.

Facilitate the free flow of ideas, knowledge, and information throughout your communication networks. Communication determines group effectiveness.

Group members usually are assigned a task to perform working together as a group under conditions which require communication for completion. members of cohesive groups are motivated to respond positively to others in the group.

We interact with those others who are attractive to us. Groups give us opportunity for interaction. We choose to join groups composed of attractive persons. Both the quantity and quality of interaction are related to the cohesiveness of your group. Cohesiveness and amount of communication are correlated.

Cohesiveness facilitates verbal interaction. It can be based on interpersonal attraction, task performance, or group prestige. leaders of cohesive groups behave democratically. cohesive groups engage in much more pleasurable incidental activity, leading to innovation.

Cohesive groups engage in more social interaction, engage in more positive interactions, exert greater influence over their members, succeed in achieving goals they set for themselves, and have higher member satisfaction. Friendly, cooperative, democratic groups are attractive to talented individuals and get the job done.


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