Command your troops to get things done faster

You can use Tinyvox to send your ideas to your group using your own voice. This is a very clear way to communicate. There is no static or misinterpretation when you speak directly, and unlike a voice mail, you can be sure that it has been sent because you will get an email receipt every time you email the private MP3 out from the Tinyvox app.

This will free you from having to articulate in text what you have in your brain waves. If you can get this system working, you can communicate so much more directly and get so much more done with your team. others will lead you and ought to read this article first. So pass this on to your boss.

I know this sounds awkward. But in order to lead, you must be able to issue commands. And those commands need to be obeyed. I understand this might make you squeamish, but this is how humanity progresses. Leadership is the art of making this awkward situation more fun for all involved.

How can you issue commands if you are speaking to someone who doesn’t respect you? How can you issue commands if your tone is shrill, absent a crisis situation? How can you issue commands if you are not clear, if you don’t have your timing down? Issuing a single commander doesn’t get hurt impacts your credibility your evocatively. Before you start ordering people around, think about this article.

But you can only do this successfully if you are being listened to. They will only care about what you have to say if you are a leader, not a boss. Here are some tips.

1) understand your position power.

Your position lets you get followers to comply with your commands and accept your leadership. Do you have a position? Can you make one up that anyone might respect?

Your position power is the basis with which you can get things done interpersonally. A family member or close friend counts – who could you lead in order to get something massive done, and why would they listen to your commands? If you can answer this question, you can create a position for yourself to make it so.

You might already be in charge of a team, and you need to understand the power you wield as a supervisor. You can communicate or you can wish your staff were telepathic. The choice is yours.

2) structure your task in order to be clear.

You are going to be programming people. Get over it. This means you need to be very clear in how you operate your people – your program must be bug free and well commented.

Decision: how much time can you spend before proposing leadership? The more time you spend structuring your task in advance of issuing commands, the smoother the entire process will go.

When you make a decision to make a task happen, what’s your justification that this needs to get done? You need to verify that the task is the best way to get to your goal by doing research. Read a book!”The book to ensure that you can back up your requests logically. Certainly reading online information can help as well. Make sure your task is structured to get the goal done according to a model that has succeeded for somebody else out there once sometime in history if possible. can your decision be logically supported? Trace the logic of what you are asking. Ask other people for feedback about your plan.

3) clarify the goal.

Are the requirements of the task known to the group members you need to command?

If the goal is clear, and the team buys into your goal, you can form a foundation for issuing commands. Use the goal like a soapbox. Stand up on the soapbox and start talking, explaining how the goal will be reached faster if the sequence of tasks you propose is undertaken wholeheartedly by the entire group.

3) pick only one path to the goal.

Your group is a bundle of energy – synergy. This synergy is dynamic and can get so many things done. Among your group is a bundle of capabilities – your capability inventory, which you should write out explicitly. What can each member of your team do?

We know there are multiple paths to get to the goal given these capabilities, but there is only one right way. You know this in your heart. Find the right way. This knowledge is the basis of your leadership and will serve you well as your confidence is buffeted by forces from outside and inside your project group.

Direct the synergy down a single path. We all know there are many things you can get done. The synergy doesn’t want to think as much as it wants to get things done. Feel the synergy pulsing in your group, and point the way. Get one thing done, deliver, get another thing done, deliver.

Solution specificity is the level of options you have to get to your destination, and you need to be the judge of the best way to do it – again, verifying your decisions with research and feedback. There should be only one correct solution and a single path to the goal.

4) love your people.

If you have good relations with your group members, that’s the most important electricity path for your ability to command. If you love them and they love you, you can be managing and controlling without arousing negative responses by your team.

Be able to pointed your past successes. Also monitor the situation to find good news. If things are going well, nobody will have a reason to reject your commanding behavior, and you’ll together get to your goals sooner so you can all relax and celebrate the completion of your goal.

The most favorable situation for a leader is one in which leader–member relations are good, the task is highly structured, and the leaders position power is strong.

Commanding gets things done faster and more efficiently than consensus, let’s face it. It’s best to switch up leadership roles, rather than discuss with the group what needs to get done, because your vision must remain paramount if you are going to be a leader. Certainly you will be marching your team down this path, so in the future be willing to roll up your sleeves for the tasks led by others in your team if equitable command is something value by your group. Some groups, however, depend on you to take the lead on a permanent basis – don’t flinch, it’s you or nobody, because the group will coalesce around success if you get this task done.


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