Make some noise, make some history

Things are happening all the time. You sense these things and react in the present to maintain your position and maybe improve on it by capitalizing on an opportunity.

History as written by real historians goes back and consults source documentation such as you can quickly create with tinyvox. The tapes you make today could be materials for future historical research – especially if what you transmit has to do with a celebrity, an event, or just a time capsule of what one human thinks at this specific moment in history.

The personal history you will create with tinyvox will give you a battery with which to store your inspiration so you can consult it later and become inspired again.

If you’ve ever done something once, you can do it again today. You haven’t lost anything – you need to think about what you can accomplish with your historical capabilities.

Proof that you can do certain things effectively, whether it’s bike around the block or convince a teacher for an extension, is clear to hear when you tape your experiences regularly.


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