Endless content creation

How do people find your service? Particularly when the ones that would benefit most from it aren’t actively searching?

Advertising is the answer. Your cure can heal millions, but they don’t know they are sick yet. Begin by healing just one person, and gauge the impact of the cure against everybody else who remains unwell.

The sickness of silence is making us crazy. Staring at screens and summarizing our souls into shards of text that can never bear the burden of our total existence is a recipe for attention deficit disorder.

Tinyvox can be used when your eyes are closed. It’s essential for a new kind of meditation – talking out loud. Americans love to talk, and this lets you talk to yourself in a brand-new, useful way.

Buzzing with ideas injected from the corporate media, the modern mind more than never needs space to recuperate. Tinyvox provides that space – someone to listen to you anytime.

Running just a standstill is getting old. Endless text updates that peter out as we realize the fruit looseness of our efforts to summarize existence. Alternatively, a portion of humanity has grown narcissistic enough to believe these text shards they have created.

Constructing your own image as you go with text can leave you a collection of slogans rather than a three dimensional being. The hypnosis of the endless now traps you from contemplating the past or visualizing a future different from the present. Closing your eyes and talking out your soul into Tinyvox is the solution – the cure for the common soul trapped in the prison of now.


About tinyvox

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