The cloud in your pocket

I am exhilarated about the success of mobile computing over the last five years. When I started my last project, Metanotes, we could have launched an iPhone app and been one of the first productivity apps ever that connected with a cloud service. I woke up this morning kicking myself that we didn’t take advantage of that opportunity. Only one of us had an iPhone in 2007! We had no idea that the platform would be such a stunning success.

Creating an interesting web service is about providing interesting content. You can do this by being a Hollywood studio and hiring expensive talent, or you can open the floodgates and hope that millions of users will provide said content for free.

On the computer, we type all day. The keyboard and the mouse are the fundamental input of the PC platform, and web services in general stick close to the text paradigm. A smartphone is completely different – starting from the fact that it is a phone at core. The microphone and the speaker are the core of the phone platform, and he’s input devices are coupled with a powerful camera to formulate an ideal creative input device.

Tinyvox is a cloud service designed to take advantage of the microphone. You can create content walking around town, and not have to look at your screen while doing it! Why type when you can tape? It’s so much easier to get ideas across with passion when others can hear your actual voice. Even this text, dictated as it was, comes across as sharper and less friendly than I can with my human voice providing context.

Capturing information with your device so millions can listen on their screens for an extended period of time after the creation moment is what you can do with the combination of smart phone and cloud service.


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