Value shards and publicity

There are a million ways to sell Tinyvox Audio messenger platform, and I am in anguish that I can’t seem to get them across to the millions of people who I seek to help with it.

I must not have the “ethos”, or credibility, with these millions of people. If I did, they would look to my instructions and get my energy. They would sync up with my system and begin holding forth like a tsunami of voice. the pick up of this app ought to resemble Skype – so why can’t I seem to get the word out?

Mechanisms exist to inform people in large groups. I can send an email to one person at a time, but the New York Times can authoritatively compel millions of readers with a front page headline. Mass media could provide the leverage for the communications I would like millions to hear and internalize – such as “Tinyvox is the future of YouTube”.

Approaching the mass media feels a little like approaching the Great Wall of China. Clearly, these are incredibly busy people and even though I seek to offer them a way to improve their own workflows with a genius audio system, I feel awkward approaching them alone.

I will get over this awkwardness because I am about to take control of parts of my project that I have left on autopilot for the time until now. I’m able to create works of genius, if only because I am a wonderful illustrator and user experience provider. There are so many user experiences to compete against in the modern Internet, however – it is about time that I took the steering wheel and ran up against them face-to-face through adding community features to my website.

The next update will be killer! Once again, I am in the limbo. Where I am waiting for the code to be finished and tested, uploaded to the app store, and approved as a new release. After that I need to get as many people who have the app to upgrade and try it out again, for the first time – probably my most important pitch, because if I can get everybody who already has the app to upgrade for the new addition and give it one more chance, they will find it sublime this time. I swear to God.

I am living in a future where my app is perfect – a future two weeks from now. The disconnect is driving everybody in my life a little bonkers. The engineering of the next release is designed to make it the ubiquitous app for updating the world about what is going on in your life. Naturally, I can’t wait for it to be released, but quality takes time and I must wait. The world is busy anyway – what is going on with the middle east on fire again? so, I must cool my heels for two weeks, scheming and holding off my Marriott creditors yet again with promises of “trust me, it will go hockey stick with this one last set of features… I swear…”

The media has no such concerns to stop their message from hitting the masses, so I must court the media. They have the years and the attention of the world, along with celebrities. I wish people were more autonomous and would take it unto themselves to spread the word about the miracle of tinyvox without the need for me to have to kowtow to the media. Oh well. Such are the pleasures of independent app development!

Rather than seeing it as a humiliation, I need to see you this providing value. The media wants to know why it is an essential for any intellectual to have my app on their home screen. The potential of incident memory that the smart phone makes possible can only be enjoyed with the proper user interface. Perhaps there is a dominant paradigm for remembering with the computer and I must try to smash it. I also want to provide a tool for them to make interviews happen and get them transcribed without needing to do too much work any longer.

The future of communication is clearly going to transcend the keyboard. Voice recognition is a miracle in everybody’s pocket these days and I believe that asynchronous voice communication through social networks is the next logical step for the proliferation of the voice of the future. I must articulate these value shards and pitch them to journalists who have the credibility to spread the word to the corners of the universe that I cannot reach with my own.

Each value shard I have brainstormed exists and must be expanded into a pitch for a specific segment of possible users. That pitch then needs to be emailed to journalists who write for those given segments. Clearly, I don’t want to have to type individual pitches to every single person. But journalism works on the individual pitch – clearly, I need to use Tinyvox to do all of my pitching.

I will begin with a value shard of the day, and talk out a tape. Then I will email or tweet that tape to a brilliant person who would appreciate it. Hopefully that person will take that appreciation and turn it into an article for their readers, and the value message of Tinyvox will spread properly at last.


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