Creating from a source is meta-creation. Almost all creativity springs from within as a result of some outside stimulus. If the stimulus is fairly obscure, it can easily be omitted.

What about a record review? A record review is a classic example of meta-creation. The artist – the writer of the review – is creating something original, possibly life-changing, and entirely derivative of the original record he or she is reviewing. This is seen as a wonderful synthesis of writing and music, an artform in and of itself as exemplified by the masterful penmanship of the late Lester Bangs.

Back in the late 80s, hip-hop masters De La Soul were sued for sampling classic rock on their hit album “3 feet high and rising”. Today we live in a YouTube paradise and hear rumblings from the copyright police from time to time. however, in the interest of philosophy, I would like to advocate for the relaxation of the vigilance against copyright in the area of meta-creation.

If somebody wants to take your art and make a video of it or tape a song in concert they are experiencing as you play, please be nice to them – they are only trying to help. Thank you.


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