Send sound via email

With Tinyvox users can email MP3s to each other fast. Just open the app, hit the red button, start talking out of your message as long as you want to, and then touch the email icon. After that, pick either “email a friend” or “email a contact” if your recipient is already in your contacts app.

It’s so much easier to send your brainstorms to somebody else with TinyVox. It can be hard to think about listening to your own ideas later, but when you email a friend, an eager audience is guaranteed.

Tinyvox is designed to have a more interesting and fun user experience than any other app in the productivity category. You remember old tapedecks, and the kinds of things you used to be able to do with them? Tinyvox is the first app that duplicates and even exceeds that power.

Many other audio apps require both sender and recipient to be on the network in order for messaging to take place. These other apps also feature limits such as two minutes or less of talk time for communication and no pause button. Tinyvox MP3s can be listen to all over the world by anybody. limiting yourself is a bad idea and getting stuck on older models of voice communication makes you subject to dramatic disadvantages. Dig the new breed!

When you email a MP3 this way, TinyVox will also email you a “return receipt” that includes the MP3 attachment so you know exactly what you sent. You will also get their email address ambiently sent to you so you will have it for later. This is a
Way to create an audio memento of any chance encounter you may have with the opportunity for persistence built in smoothly.

Being able to talk out loud to your friends is why the telephone is so popular. But you can’t always get your friends on the telephone, can you?


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