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Make some noise, make some history

Things are happening all the time. You sense these things and react in the present to maintain your position and maybe improve on it by capitalizing on an opportunity. History as written by real historians goes back and consults source … Continue reading

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Senders and receivers

Communication is the fundamental social process. It’s a highly intricate network of partial or complete understandings between the members of a society. Informational, instructional, persuasive, and entertaining communications cause receivers to process in different modes. Advertising combines persuasion and information, … Continue reading

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Endless content creation

How do people find your service? Particularly when the ones that would benefit most from it aren’t actively searching? Advertising is the answer. Your cure can heal millions, but they don’t know they are sick yet. Begin by healing just … Continue reading

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The cloud in your pocket

I am exhilarated about the success of mobile computing over the last five years. When I started my last project, Metanotes, we could have launched an iPhone app and been one of the first productivity apps ever that connected with … Continue reading

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Become smarter.

Audio is easier. If you’re typing into your phone, talking into it is easier. You could just talk out your idea and get it out directly. It’s richer and will get you brainstorming. It will also resonate with listeners more … Continue reading

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Value shards and publicity

There are a million ways to sell Tinyvox Audio messenger platform, and I am in anguish that I can’t seem to get them across to the millions of people who I seek to help with it. I must not have … Continue reading

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Creating from a source is meta-creation. Almost all creativity springs from within as a result of some outside stimulus. If the stimulus is fairly obscure, it can easily be omitted. What about a record review? A record review is a … Continue reading

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