Five clicks too far

I feel like I’m going crazy waiting for the tinyvox 4.2 revision to hit the app store. According to the wait last time, it’ll be ready on Thursday. The waiting is the hardest part, and I’m trying to keep busy by meticulously redesigning the help section and charting out the content strategy for explaining the various features and powers that TinyVox gives to users like you.

The 4.2 revision includes a feature bump that miraculously got injected at the last second. It seems so simple, but it’s going to change the way intellectuals think. We put an email icon on the front main sharing screen, making it immediately accessible.

Since the revision was uploaded to the store last week, I have been repeatedly astounded at the revelation of how my app was simply designed wrong for all this time. The most important feature of TinyVox is the ability to quickly email yourself. I myself am fairly incomprehensible to others, but use TinyVox constantly to brainstorm and get unstuck.

Until now, that is, until Thursday, in order to email yourself a tape you created, you have to click the stop menu, get the plane share button, press pause to make the audio stop, touch the email button, touch the email the self button, and then touch the share button. All of this took place over two screens and one menu – which, incredibly, I had thought to myself was adequate, because nothing else work as well as that version in the world of apps.

Now I realize that better than everybody else isn’t the same as good enough!

In the new workflow, which was pioneered when we added the Twitter button to the front screen, you don’t see a share button. You just touch the icon that represents the sharing option you’d like – in the case of this essay, I’m holding forth about the beauty of their email integration. So you just talk, hit pause whenever you need to pause, type text whenever you need to type text, and when you’re done – touch the email icon, select email to self and presto – an MP3 shows up in your inbox as soon as the upload is completed, and the app is ready for you to start recording your next brilliant idea, all on one screen.

I’m visualizing myself walking around my apartment using this feature and I’m going crazy thinking about how I felt the email tool into the app at great expense nearly 2 years ago but it was hidden behind way too many layers to be useful!

This is the kind of thing that I hope that other app developers learn from. This mistake cost me a lot. It took so much time to figure this out, and in retrospect I don’t think I could’ve figured it out any earlier, given that we added features in a very experimental way. Now that I see how apps should be designed in order to add a user value, I can’t wait till 4.2 comes out and I can use my half as if it just launched, go properly this time. Looking forward to your feedback and announcing that the review is complete and it is ready in the Apple app store for your steady use! 👍😄


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