Art vs Time

The theory of temporal relativity:
Every reader experiences a piece of art at a different time in history. History changes from moment to moment. Everybody experiences art differently.

Some art is changed by the person who experiences it. The next person in line will experience a changed artwork. But most art is static. In that, it is a lens through which time streams.

Music is unique because it actually takes up time in order to experience it, and other experiences such as typing can go on while music is being experienced. Video is a combination of eye and ear stimulus that holds the entire sensory apparatus captive, which is why I avoid watching it.

Art is a fix in time, an anchor dropped at a certain unveiling point. Each individual has a unique experience with the art. Saving time in a bottle, literally, is the object of art and music.

Apps are different. Apps are trying to help you construct your own future with a new capability. That’s interesting to consider – that the idea of promoting tinyvox is to get other people to see value in it.

We live by comparing the sensory information of the moment with our sensory recollections of the past. We are two, as one. We are also envisioning the future at all times, in relation to our environment. We are three, as one, at all times.

Everything begins with three: the awareness, the environment, and everything. There is no nothing but there is the a priori, or the abstract.

Temperature, weight, velocity, balance, hunger, thirst, and intention and longevity – all are senses, and gauge dimensions of n-dimensional reality (not just 3d).

Karma encompasses temperature, weight, velocity, hunger, thirst, and integrity with the whole.

Everything is a whole. Every reference to anything other than everything is a bisection of everything. Truth is one, but many are the names; God, Infinity, the Universe etc are all synonyms for the essential concept of the Indivisible, in contrast to which everything else is just a component.

Everything must extend not just along the three physical dimesions but along all dimensions. So Everything includes all possibilities, not just all things that exist now, as possibility is a dimension. Therefore, to contemplate a certain possibility is to create a differential between that possibility and all other possibilities.


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