Truth containers

If it’s not about ideas, I don’t want to do it anymore.

People are geniuses, but you wouldn’t know it from our culture. Culture is created, to the lowest common denominator. Most smart people have nothing to do with culture. Culture is clearly used as a control mechanism for capital to control working masses.

I want a culture of my own, which centers around ideas and will. I want a project to emerge in your mind about how you can use the tools I am providing to get more power to fuel your ideas and reach your goals.

What you decide to be is what you are. I have decided to be a developer, even though I can’t code. I just know what people need. People need a way to let their mind unravel to discover the wisdom within.

Everybody is two brains, at least. We are a typing brain and a talking brain. The talking brain has been shut out of the Internet experience entirely. audio is a form of time travel, linking your idea at a Point A (when you have it) in the space time continuum with me at Point B (when you can use it to build a project). B is always a time in the future where you will have the resources and spare focus to act on the idea.

Experimenting with ideas makes us smarter. Challenging yourself to articulate what’s on your mind is essential for mental health. My app is for the millions of people who like to think out loud, like I do.

Ideas could not exist without human brains to hold them. Ideas do not inherently exist in the material world – you can’t hold an idea. The idea of “gravity” may explain events and phenomena and relationships, but you cannot touch it. Ideas are intangible.

Ideas are worthless and priceless at the same time. ideas have karma – they bang into other ideas and merge into hybrid forms. Ideas inhabit our minds and spread to other minds.

Our Will is what puts ideas together with karma to generate action. Your skill set, resources, situational needs and opportunities are all your karma – consequences of the existence you have been leading until this point. These words contain an idea – that you can will your karma to change for the better, right now, through a simple act of focus.

I just want you to fall in love with their own ideas. I believe that there is a solution to every puzzle in anybody’s brain. I think we don’t respect our own ideas enough. I think we are drowning in the culture, and I want you to think for yourselves.

Everybody has ideas but we let them slip away. From now on, catch them with Tinyvox so you can clear your mind now and still have a perfect record for the future.

When smart people connect, ideas are what they share. We are wealthy in ideas and this app is the best container for the flow of your brilliance.

Ideas can be transmitted in a variety of media available to smartphone users. You have a choice in media, and we appreciate your selecting the one we provide.

It’s called media because it’s in the middle – between two distinct individual souls at two separate spaces and times in the space time continuum. When a voice travels across the room to your years, soundwaves pass through here and time and bridged through all you and focus.

What is it going to take to get people to focus on ideas? tinyvox may be the premiere media adventure of our generation.

I should get people to love their own ideas more and do more with them. I want Internet users to become more four dimensional, reject the terrible mass culture and reach for eternal truth instead.


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