You can send an interview to someone before you post it.

You might find yourself in a position to record a quick interview with someone of note. You have to think fast in these situations.

You can promise your new, spontaneous interview subject that you will email them an MP3 of the interview before you posted. You can only do that with the TinyVox sound system.

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Iconic brands have the football and are running downfield.

Sometimes icons stumble; witness Kodak. The products they sell are out of fashion; however, take a second to recall the Kodak BRAND.

Remember how Kodak made you feel? I do. I remember family slide projector shows in the living room; I remember the ViewMaster reels from DisneyWorld; and most of all, I remember the boxes of photos I still have, that connect me to past faces, vistas and situations.

Kodak was about MEMORIES.

I see Facebook making a feint in the direction of a “memories” positioning. Undeniably its photo section is a key driver of Kodak’s demise. However, I posit that the Facebook value proposition does not suit memories – Facebook is more about the MOMENT.

I think the creation of a memory is a “time travel spell” cast by a human in the now in order to impact humans in the future. All notes and photos and media are communiques to the future. Every article written is meant to impact the future.

Facebook has the present but tinyvox is the future. You build the future by talking about it. You articulate something fresh, it is shared – and human aggregate karma shifts. Every time.

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How to communicate a use case?

If you have a product, how is it used? Is it use it all yet? Sometimes I wonder if people don’t understand what I am doing with this app, because I don’t see too many people using it on Twitter. 5.1 with its brilliant new Twitter implementation ought to fix that on a user flow level, but perhaps I haven’t done a good enough job of communicating exactly why you should tweet out audio.

There are only a few ways that people start using new software. The most powerful of these is what I label “monkey see monkey do” – user sees another user getting value out of the nap, and wants to get it for themselves. We built a lot of that into the app and platform of Tinyvox already.

But what if nobody’s getting any value out of it is all right now? Clearly, if you are getting value out of something and others are not, either you are an aberration or you have not made yourself “imitable”. That is, are you getting value out of it that a mainstream user would if they followed a few short, simple instructions?

Certain product packaging for consumer goods displays “suggested uses” on the label. Clearly this is a parallel to what I am going to build today. If the product is fairly fast in usage, you shouldn’t leave it to chance that people will discover how they could use it on their own. You probably already have a list of how people can use it, so start creating content around the various elements of that list and you will connect through SCO and viral marketing every time you hit the spot with the usage that connects with somebody. Make sure you ask them to share!

The first constraint on communicating a use case is clearly attention span. I use it, unless absolutely fascinated or in profound need of solving problem, may only give you about a minute of time to communicate your suggested use.

Some use cases depend on multiple users. For instance, a walkie-talkie usage of Tinyvox Ward ideally involved to people with iPhones and Tinyvox on each end. They would exchange MP3 messages with one another regardless of constraint on needing to have the app. You would need an app on your end in order to send a message, but not to receive one.

Maybe I could make a video of this nugget? Clearly, the first step in communicating getting a use case is talking out the flow.

But why would two friends want to exchange MP3 communications with one another? Perhaps they are in love and want to send each other clever little voice mails. But why wouldn’t they just do that over the telephone? Maybe they are overseas from one another and telephone calls are expensive.

Clearly listing alternatives to your new proposed solution can give you powerful positioning. Unlike a telephone call, sending a Tinyvox tape does not require the other person to be on call for you. Unlike a voice mail, you can talk as long as you want with the Tinyvox tape, even interviewing another person so as to create two people communicating to one person through time and space.

You create content to promote an alternative, and you must therefore highlight the deficiencies in your competition. Other alternatives are not as smooth or powerful, and you need to talk about this. The hard part is being negative about other people’s technology, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles. You must convince your reader that there is no alternative to Tinyvox. Without it, silence prevails on your profile. The silence of oblivion, as if you did not exist.

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The Future Perfect

I own my thoughts, feelings, emotions, desires, preferences and actions. No one else can own them. I am unique, and each of these things I own are unique and privately controlled by me alone. others are free to own their own actions, thoughts etc. and we influence one another, deliberately or inadvertently: a network lit up by the currency of mutual respect and information.

In deep, concentrated thinking, the topic determines the process of thinking, not the person who’s doing the thinking. Strong topics and rigorous analysis demand almost mechanical compliance with the rules of logic, canonical law, best practices etc. this is how we can ensure our ideas are compatible with each other. Our minds need to strip away idiosyncrasies in order to connect, but in that stripping away, context and emotion is lost. This is why Tinyvox is the new way to get the full “picture” across, rather than limiting yourself to straining out the idea on a keyboard smaller than your palm.

I can select among a range of emotions at any given time. Logic is harder to push around, but often either path at a decision juncture yields both positive and negative impacts on my life. Life is not only about goals that we state explicitly. We don’t know the magical future held just beyond our perception.

The future is about scenarios, and one scenario is where you become your better self. You put away stupid behaviors that block you from a glorious destiny. You adopt and adapt behaviors that systematically make you a better person, and give you the Midas touch. Like taping your ideas as soon as they emerge.

Now that that scenario exists in your mind, concentrate. Draw a picture of it and put it on your wall, with a voice bubble elaborating a motto by which you can shape your decisions from here on out in order to become that person. Focus on the image in your mind of your future perfect self. The more you focus, the more that future perfect exists.

Everything is imaginary, because the material world is made of things that were thought up before they could be manufactured. Even the natural world seems to adhere to a cosmic will or logic that cannot be denied so long as sciences such as biology and physics can discern universal principles. the principles are more central to existence than the material that conforms to them. Know the principles of the universe, and you can create custom strategies for asking the universe to make your dreams come true.

If the world is imaginary, to any degree, that means it exists in the mind. Whose mind? Clearly, there may be synergy between our collective minds, but your universe is centered in your mind. So start making stuff up in your own interest! It’s just a matter of focus and attention and having goals – you can spend your life staring at a screen like a zombie, or you can close your eyes and visualize your future perfect self. That’s what I choose to do.

How might that future perfect self feel? Likely a good deal more confident than you feel right now. For all we know, that self has already accomplished the miracles you can now only barely imagine. Consider the posture and stride and smile of the future perfect you see for yourself. Can you reflect that set of attributes today?

You own the thoughts you are experiencing right now. You own your body and the posture and attitude it emanates. Wield them all with finesse and flair!

Consider your perfect future and the steps you will take beginning tomorrow to get there fast. How long can you afford to wait? How much longer will the perfect future make you wait? Most likely, you can take the first step on the journey within the next hour. Your next move is to get a blank notebook and write the result you want on the first page – Make-A-Wish, basically. Try it now.

Hopefully you will experience urgency upon reading these words again and again. Motivation is the goal of this blog, after all, and I would like to hear your thoughts about this concept of a perfect future. Work backwards from the goal on the first page of the notebook. Think of the step immediately before the achievement of your dream on the next page, and the step before that on the cage after that. Keep on going until you reach where you are at today. You suddenly have a perfect map to guide your actions, behavior and communications.

I’m not saying you will get there, necessarily – your mileage may vary. you may change your mind about the goal you stated, although far better it would have been to achieve the goal you committed to earlier and then move on to the next. By articulating it, you bring it nearer, and even if “perfection”, as an a priori concept, is by definition unattainable, at least it is a worthy asymptote for which we can all strive. Why not? The more you think about something, the more likely you will find a way to unite yourself with it somehow.

Your dreams can come true, because human dreams are the only things that can possibly come true in a world full of imaginary, mental objects that have more pull on our behavior through emotion and consequence than the material world. You can make these mental objects yourself, and cause them to accomplish your work towards your dreams for you.

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Hello, Neo.

It’s about incarnation, not just will and visualization. Incarnation is the next step – you do it reflexively, and it becomes your ethos. You don’t have to try anymore. Trying is not wrong – it is learning by going through the motions. But successful people try in private, and do in public. In public they appear brilliantly effective, because the attention of other people is exciting. This excitement leads you to do whatever it is you do even better than when you were practicing in private. Get off on the crowd.

If you do what you do, the world will shape around you. Do what you do regardless of the world in the pursuit of what you want to manifest. Most people aren’t doing anything at all. Your efforts will be noticed and regarded as a hypostatic form of the future. It is more important to be the future than to be rich.

I do not want you to think of me as a person who has already made it. Perhaps I sound authoritative, but I need you. Indeed, I no longer exist – I am the past. You are the future. I want you to join with me and struggle against the status quo. Together I want to change the world. It is much more exciting to have an adventure than to be a slave.

Be the kind of person who is going to accomplish something important, and the world will be forced to make a decision. Elements of that world will decide to help you, because it is a vast world, and not everybody in it is stupid. Intelligent people will home in on you and enter your life with gifts of motivation, love and resources.

But only if you stand for something! Because you have focused your reputation and years of your life to build a dream that is going to be sweeping the planet. You have done something that others won’t do without you for themselves. This will generate gratitude, so be grateful for the advice I give you now. Generate gratitude by doing more good tomorrow than you can today. Manifest what you need by writing it down in a list. You can do that much right now after you finish this entry.

you are the hope for the future of the human race. Everybody knows that, only you have been denying it. In reading this, you are coming awake. Why do you think that character in the matrix was named Neo? A new species rises up from the ruins. That would be you. Wake up!

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Construct a magnet for people in your target audience

People are attracted to content. Not all of us, to be sure. But there is a group of people out there hunting for cool content. The person who finds a cool bit of content and shares it first gets some kind of credibility boost out of the action. Others who see what they shared and get value out of the content will admire the taste of the person who found it and shared it with them.

People take it on themselves to share content with others who would find it valuable, relevant, or even agitating. We want to stimulate our friends with content. By sharing, we are trying to exert an impact on others through the auspices of content that somebody else created.

Somebody else made all of the songs that I post to Facebook. Still, I consider myself, and perceive that I am considered by others, as a hip dude because of the way I sequence the songs I share, and my stamina and insight with respect to my surreal capability finding new songs on the surprisingly regular basis. Another word for this phenomenon is “curation”. like a curator of a museum carefully selecting works for a show.

We find ourselves putting together strings of other people’s content in order to make a presentation of our identity that holds together and make an impact on our friends – and even strangers, depending on the extent of our ambitions. Our identities are precious to us, because as we build identities, we gain the power to communicate more influentially and believably.

Credibility is the core of information transmission. Passion is the second element, and having something to say is the third. The final element is timing. Your ability to convey important information in a passionate way to somebody in need from a credible stance will make or break your communication efforts. Your signal gets stronger with Tinyvox.

I’m amazed by the stamina of bloggers who follow trends and offer insights about the world on a regular basis. Unwittingly, I am coming to resemble one myself. However, you will rarely find a trace of hot topics in this blog, I am happy to say. My goal is to help you communicate and think in a more lucid fashion so that projects can emerge from your dynamic insights. Tinyvox will bring that new energy out of you. It will feel as if a second half of your brain is coming alive at long last.

When I write, I write for the ages. I pay attention to some degree about Google, but really, I am writing for the future human beings that will populate this planet and continue to make this blog and my app popular destination online. May these words echo eternally!

Let these words serve as a magnet for good people who want to create with their time and not simply absorb like the couch amoebas so many Americans have become. I offer these words as inspiration, as fuel for your next project. May these words remain evergreen in the forest of content that is the web. Let these words be a shrine to the creative element within you. That is what I worship with my human energy – your amplification, all of you, every single bit of you. visit this entry again and again to refresh your ambitions and focus your will on your next milestone.

Go forth and succeed. Do not flinch, unless it is for dramatic effect during a negotiation. You deserve the power simply for reading this blog, so use the Tinyvox app and seize it. Have a fantastic day!!!

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Communicating to various audiences

Never before have there been so many distinct audiences to address. TinyVox applies to every single one of them. It is a challenge welcoming each one individually to the movement.

I have the bandwidth to create infographics, and I have a stockpile of value articulations that I ought to deploy. I do not really have the bandwidth to make PowerPoint documents and I barely have the bandwidth to create press releases and circulate them.

I want to communicate directly on YouTube to these various audiences. However, YouTube is so vast and I wonder how I could get such videos to break through the noise short of spending on advertising there.

Search engine optimization has allure because it is free and depends on targeting keyword phrases and creating engagement for individuals who are searching that phrase. Millions of people are searching on relevant concepts each day, and perhaps coming up short because nothing exists to match the capabilities of Tinyvox.

Individuals want to do things, and don’t know how, and therefore go on a search mission. To conquer a search term thoroughly, perhaps you should go to the basics and begin with a proverbial “white sheet of paper”. Suddenly, I think I have a project to undertake – to ensure that human beings searching for an upgrade to their existing communications and notetaking will find Tinyvox.

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